Boomers in Costa Rica: Invest, Live & Retire in Paradise

Boomers in Costa Rica Tours strives to provide you with objective information and recommendations about investing and living in Costa Rica and shows you how to do it in the most efficient manner possible. When you’ve completed one of our tours, we want you to feel completely comfortable in your decision to move here or invest here. Even if you decide not to move forward with Costa Rica, that’s fine too.However, we will help you build confidence in your decision to make a bold and life-altering choice!

Our tours provide detailed information on the up and coming areas to live, business opportunities, real estate investments, and more. And, you don´t just get talking heads or a seminar—you’ll get out there and meet real people who have already done what you want to do.

Our tours are designed for busy people who may be on the verge of retirement, or for people who aren´t retired, but want to investigate the tremendous opportunities in Costa Rica. Our tours are also for people who just want to live a more relaxed, natural and affordable lifestyle.

I’m Andrew and I’ve already done what you’re thinking about doing. I want to show you how to successfully engage in Costa Rica by learning from my experiences—and those of my friends and colleagues—but both the good and the bad. I’ve done all the legwork for you so you can quickly begin your new life here.